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Resilient, Gutsy, Rural Women

Trailblazher is an independent, quarterly printed Canadian magazine that showcases the lifestyles, stories and modern business wisdom of enterprising, rural women.

Dive into the ‘back stories’ of these resilient, gutsy women everywhere. Whether you live in a city, a small town or in the countryside, you will be inspired by this vibrant rural movement.

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“I just absolutely devoured it. Wow SO inspiring. Every single article had something that I felt spoke to me. What an amazing collection of stories and women… I am SO inspired on SO many levels holy cow. Also it is so beautifully made I am seriously stunned. Fantastic job ladies!!! What a great thing you’ve created. It would be such a DREAM to be apart of this.” – Laurel Y.

Ladies, you have done an absolutely beautiful thing with Trailblaz∙her Magazine… I have been in tears several times already. To read the stories of these women, and to feel inspired that maybe one day it would be possible for me to embody the passion, creativity and success that these women do, it’s beautiful. I honestly feel like a little girl looking up to all of these beautiful, strong, grounded, confident women, inspired to grow up to be like them one day. And I’m 40!! ” – Deanna M.

Jan & Erin, I just finished the magazine. I savoured each page, turning them slowly, soaking up the story. The photography is so dreamy, the photographers and their subjects so incredibly talented and captivating. I just wanted you to know my heart feels a little fuller after reading this first issue. I’m just feeling really inspired and so proud to be Canadian tonight! ” – Jo M.

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Trailblazher is so much more than a magazine. It’s a collective of talented, passionate, gutsy gals that have come together to celebrate and shed light on the resilient landscape of rural entrepreneurship. Read the latest from our guest contributors.

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I am a Trailblazher

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